Benedetta Mazzini

Benedetta Mazzini was born into a family where art and culture have been part of everyday life: her father was a journalist, her mother is a singer and her brother is a record producer. She started to work as a model at a very early age and at the same time, embarked on a career as television presenter and the author of music programmes. Benedetta then went into cinema and theatre, but she never forgot her passion for music.

She has been an avid traveller since childhood: attentive, inquisitive, and ever in search of emotions and the desire to learn about new cultures.
When she travels, she always strives to blend in with the colours, smells and customs of the countries she visits.


The moment Benedetta set foot in Africa, it was love at first sight. This love affair blossomed when she travelled with Wilderness Safaris, the safari company whose philosophy taught her to cherish and respect this marvellous continent.

Over the past thirteen years, between working in radio and television and writing articles, she takes every chance she gets to spend time in Africa, especially the southern areas. She is particularly enchanted by Namibia, Botswana, South Africa and Kenya, enjoying incredible experiences and getting to know very special people, such as some of the great pioneers of responsible ecotourism.

She has written travel articles from Africa for Vanity Fair Italia and conducted a television show called “Africa Benedetta”, aired on Italy’s RAI 5 channel in 2010, illustrating life at safari camps in a sort of on-the-road documentary.

Following the publication of her articles and the broadcast of “Africa Benedetta”, friends, acquaintances and even people she had never met started to ask her to organize safaris for them. These experiences inspired the idea of turning her love for Africa into a structured project and a way of life.


With Wild Places Safaris, Benedetta has made her dream come true, transforming a passion into a profession that gives her the chance to help first-time visitors fall in love with Africa. Wild Places Safaris is the company she founded to create “tailor-made safaris”.
Wild Places Safaris is the outcome of an abiding passion, adventures experienced first-hand and Benedetta’s love for one of the most beautiful places on earth: Africa.


If you’ve never been to this continent or have explored it before but want to learn more about it, Benedetta is so passionate about the continent that she can personally accompany you on your journey to discover the real Africa. Her first-hand knowledge of countries, itineraries and local customs, along with her love of Africa, make her a very special guide: a true travel companion who conveys the authentic spirit of these experiences and makes the trips offered by Wild Places Safaris an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime adventure.