Africa Benedetta

“Africa Benedetta” is a show combining the language of a classical documentary with that of a docu-reality, aired on Italy’s RAI 5 channel.

Benedetta Mazzini, who conceived and hosts the show, talks about Africa and the most authentic way to experience it: the safari.

In each episode a show-business personality joins Benedetta to experience the adventure of the “Dark Continent”.

It is a show that recounts the magic of those landscapes and the power of the emotions they stir, mixing Benedetta’s passion and experience with her guests’ astonishment and curiosity.

Fascinating places – some of the most beautiful in the world – have been chosen. The idea is to continue this sort of “rock-and-roll documentary” in other African countries Benedetta knows and where she can be the perfect hostess, welcoming different guests and embarking on this adventure with them. The show is extremely low-key – like enjoying a train ride through the jungle – and so the guests are people Benedetta already knows.